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Make your website work for you with these five free tools

Posted by Simon Walker on 07/04/2018 2:29:24 PM

In Websites

Are you stoked with how your website looks?

Regardless of your answer to this question, odds are that there are some important things you’ve missed while setting up your website. They’ve got absolutely nothing to do with how your site looks, or your painstakingly crafted content.

They’re all behind the scenes.

Take a look at five things your website can (and should) do for you, but probably isn’t.

Integrated forms and CRM

This is one of the most important yet most neglected behind-the-scenes pieces of website setup out there.

Have you got a website where your contact forms send an email to an “info@mybusiness.com” inbox? Do you consistently lose enquiries and sales, and have a really ugly process for managing whether responses have been sent? Have you ever sent two responses to the same enquiry?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you need to make sure you integrate your website’s forms with your CRM.

Most good CRMs now offer webforms that can either be integrated with your site, or embedded directly into it. There can be a bit of effort involved in setting it up and getting it looking and working right, but the payoff is huge.

Given your CRM is now the central source for managing customer contact (as it should be!), you can use it’s inbuilt automation workflows to make sure that you deliver killer customer service efficiently.

You might want to make sure new enquiries go straight to a sales rep, while your existing customers enquiries are managed by customer service. You might want to automatically reply with an expectation around when your customer will get an answer. It’s even possible to build full sales workflows and automate much of the prospect’s flow through your sales process!

We’ve had significant success with both Zoho CRM (zoho.com/crm) and Hubspot CRM (hubspot.com/crm), both within Proposition and with our clients, but these are by no means the only two CRM tools that can do the job.


Ever heard of Zapier? No? It’s super underrated.

Pretty much any Software as a Service (SaaS) tool that has an open API (so 99% of them) has been integrated with Zapier, which acts as the hub at the centre of all your SaaS tools.

Regardless of the action you need to happen, Zapier (zapier.com) can probably do it. We use it to automate a range of simple tasks which while small, save us a huge amount of time.

Where Zapier becomes really powerful is when it’s used in conjunction with SaaS tools’ internal automations. This means you can do pretty much anything with some well thought out Zaps!

By sitting Zapier in behind your website, you’ll create a powerful engine that will just sit there, chugging away and making your life easier.

FAQ Chatbots

How many times has a customer ever rung you to ask a question that you have answered in your website Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)?

Too many to count?

While you might have spent a lot of time on your website FAQ, chances are your customers lack the patience to read through them, looking for their question. They just bail to the path of least resistance - a phone call that takes up your precious time!

Thanks to the miracles of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Natural Language Processing (NLP), Microsoft have built a tool (LINK) that enables you (yes, you!) to build your very own chatbot or your FAQs!

You’ll need a little dev know-how to get it on your front page, but by pasting a link to your existing FAQ into the tool, it will automatically create a FAQ-bot for you. It’ll learn from your customers as they use it, and they don’t even need to ask the exact question - that’s the NLP at work. For example, you might have an answer for “How do I contact you outside of business hours?”, but if your customer asked “How do I call you in an emergency?”, they’d receive the same information.

By giving your customers access to your FAQ in a far more consumable way, you’ll dramatically cut the amount of time you spend answering these questions anyway!

Google Analytics, set up properly

Show of hands - how many people know how many people visit your website every day?

Great - now, how many people know where they have come from and what they’re doing?

Thought so - many websites have Google Analytics set up, but not many have it set up properly.

That’s a shame, as it can be the difference between building successful sites that convert and having a large white elephant sitting on the internet.

If your Analytics are set up properly, you’ll have some custom events (link to GA events page) set up, at least two goals that you’re tracking, and you’ll be using custom URLs to track traffic sources.

This way, you can build out your very own Website funnel, and start to tell where your traffic is coming from, what it’s doing, and how often it’s converting.

It’s all there, it just needs a bit of effort to set up. And given that effort is 100% free, there’s really no excuses for not putting it in!

If all of these things seem like great ideas, but you don’t know where to start, book in a free 30 minute web consultation with us!