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Why you should take your prospects to school

Posted by Simon Walker on 05/04/2018 12:57:18 PM

In Inbound Marketing, Content Marketing

Give a man a fish and he’ll eat for a day. Teach a man to fish, and he’ll feed his family for a lifetime. - Ancient Chinese Proverb, probably.

While I do enjoy being given a fish, the point still remains - education is really important, and people love to be educated.

Educating people about the problem you’re solving does two things - it gives them massive value before you ask for anything from them, and it helps them find you.

Imagine you’re me - someone who has no time for anything, let alone doing the vacuuming, but your living situation demands you do the vacuuming. That’s what we in the marketing business call a problem.

Now, I might be super educated and know that the best solution to this problem is to convince someone else to do the job, but for now, let’s assume that I’m not.

What am I going to do?

Head to the fountain of knowledge, of course. Google.

And what am I going to ask? Probably something along the lines of “How do I do the vacuuming, without actually doing the vacuuming?”

Now, imagine that you sell robot vacuum cleaners:


Super cute, but how do you clean the cat hair off the top of the vacuum? Anyway:

At this point, you have a couple of choices:

  1. Desperately try to sell me a robotic vacuum cleaner, although I’m not ready
  2. Educate me on my options for solving my problem

Now, option 2 probably seems like it’s going to take a little longer, and might result in me choosing a different solution than yours, but you know I’ve got a great bullshit detector, so being sold to is probably not going to work. That’s why you decided to write the following blog post:

How to clean your house if you’re a lazy man.

Ouch, that’s a bit sassy, but very relatable. In the post you’ve included options like:

  1. Hire a great cleaner
  2. Stop being lazy
  3. Convince your significant other that it’s just not your thing
  4. Automate your cleaning with robots

Now I’m aware of your solution in the context of the other solutions to my problem, so I don’t feel like I’m being sold to. Also, cleaners are a lot of admin, stopping being lazy just isn’t an option, and #3 really feels like you were scraping around for content to fill out your blog post.

So, now I’m intrigued - how do I automate my cleaning with robots?

You already knew I’d ask this question, so you’ve prepared a little guide on how to automate your cleaning at home for me to download.

This is working out great!!

Now I’m on the way to buying a robotic vacuum cleaner, and you’ve convinced me of your solution by educating me and solving my problem - not by ramming your products down my throat.

More importantly, you’ve really explained your value proposition (your why) to me - so I can go and tell all my lazy friends about your robotic vacuum cleaners.

That’s why education wins when you’re marketing on the internet - because it’s the only way to make sure your products end up in the hands of genuinely engaged customers whose problems you’re actually solving.

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